It's easier than you think!  

1)  Find the items you love.

2) Add them to your cart.

3) Check-out and Create a Profile

It's that easy!  We'll be in contact as soon as we receive the request or you can always pop us a note with your questions.  [email protected] or 647-848-4473.

If the security deposit seems a bit high, because you've added multiple items, we'll be sure to reduce that in our "hello" email. 

Security deposits are fully refundable and we're very fair with our damages.  We only bill for significant damages.  Minor scratches and chips less than 1 inch are considered normal wear and tear.  We refresh all of our rentals before the next event.

We'll send you the terms and conditions in an email for approval.

We'll deal with the rest!  We'll send you a link to pay by Credit Card or E-Transfer.  Whichever you prefer.  We'll deliver and set-up!