New! Set of Three Metal Pillars with Acrylic Tops!


Elevate your event decor with our brand-new Set of Three Metal Pillars with Acrylic Tops! Designed to add a touch of modern elegance, these versatile pillars are perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, and more. Crafted from metal, each pillar boasts a sleek, contemporary design that seamlessly complements any theme or color scheme.

The crystal-clear acrylic tops provide the ideal platform to showcase your floral arrangements, candles, or decorative accents, creating a visually stunning focal point that captivates your guests.

Our set includes three varying heights— 16" small, 24" medium, and 32" large—allowing you to create dynamic, multi-level displays that add depth and dimension to your venue. Whether you're highlighting a grand entrance, framing an aisle, or accentuating a stage, these pillars offer endless creative possibilities.

Renting our Set of Three Metal Pillars with Acrylic Tops is not only cost-effective but also hassle-free. We provide flexible rental periods and convenient delivery options to ensure your event planning process is smooth and stress-free.

Transform your next event into a memorable masterpiece with these eye-catching pillars. Reserve your set today and let your decor shine with sophistication and style!